Audi Services

Professional Repairs and Servicing For Audi Vehicles

At S&S Motors Inc., we are proud to be able to provide comprehensive service and repairs for your Audi vehicle. Our investment in training and equipment over the years has enabled us to offer dealership capabilities with the personal service and attention that we take pride in. Listed below is a summary of the services and repairs we are pleased to offer our Audi clients.

Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Audi specified maintenance and service
  • Advanced diagnostics and fault finding including “Check Engine” and other warning indicators
  • Timing belt and water pump replacement
  • Dealer approved synthetic oil, lube and filter service
  • PCV service and Breather hose replacement
  • Cooling system fluid service
  • Brake system repairs and service including ABS systems
  • Suspension system repairs, Air pneumatic
  • Electrical and charging system repairs
  • Exhaust system repairs
  • Air conditioning service and repairs
  • Fuel injection system service
  • Tire sales, mounting, balancing and storage services
  • Computerized alignment services
  • Pre-purchase inspections and DOT safety certification


Audi’s are known for their great ride quality and also having all-wheel drive known as “Quattro”. These two things have contributed to a rather complicated front end suspension system. That is why choosing the proper repair facility for your Audi suspension repair and top quality parts is so important to keep the ride and comfort your vehicle has to offer.


Audi’s have a sophisticated and diverse braking system that needs to be serviced by a trained technician. Our brake part replacement choices are the same products you would receive at the dealership without the overly expensive pricing. We offer a full range of Audi brake repair/service including brake inspections, brake pad and brake rotor replacement, and caliper replacement. We can inspect and, if necessary, flush your brake fluid or replace older brake lines to keep you safety on the road.

Cooling System

Cooling system maintenance is very important. Coolant becomes acidic overtime and like all fluids needs to be replaced with the proper grade specified for you vehicle. Keeping you warm in the winter and dispensing heat from your engine, coolant is one of the vital fluids in your vehicle. Proper maintenance will keep you going no matter the season.


There is no better place than S&S Motors to have your Audi’s A/C System checked and serviced. Our factory trained and certified professionals can diagnose any concerns your might have, whether it’s warm air blowing out the vents, air that’s not as cold as it should be, or not blowing at all. We can help with any sort of Audi air conditioning repair or service you may need.


We use only factory specified oil and filters, cabin filters and air filters. Our state of the art equipment can reset all service indicators and our service team can keep your records stamped, validated and up to date. Let us keep your Audi running smoothly by attending to all your vehicles maintenance needs.

PCV / Breather System

This system assures only clean, filtered air is drawn in to the engine. A clogged system prevents the PCV System from siphoning away the blow by gases and moisture created by engine combustion resulting in oil break down + sludge build up. Blockage will cause all sorts of engine misfires and rough running.